Welcome to Ladybirds Photography. I obviously shoot more than just Ladybirds, albeit not very well at present as i'm still very much a beginner at this photography thing. Within the Gallery section you'll find a few photos i've deemed ok for others to look at and get a laugh from (poor lighting, OoF, terrible bokeh, blown highlights - you name it, i've probably shot it) I use a Canon 30D together with Canons 100mm Macro, 17-55 F/2.8 or the 100-400mm. Photography, like all creative subjects IMHO, needs natural ability in order to work properly. Something which I think I lack most of the time, and feel that a lot of shots are luck based rather than skill. Either way, I do enjoy it and have been surprised at how, in my eyes, my photos have seemingly improved over the past few years. Happy shooting